is now integrated with Patreon. This means, that content is now gated by Patreon’s membership levels. Each month I aim to add several free galleries, as well as many galleries at the $10, $50, and $100/month membership levels. Your investment in directly determines how much content you gain access to.

Contrary to sales of content on OnlyFans, you don’t get to pick and choose which galleries you gain access to, however, for a MUCH more affordable price, you gain access to everything I release. Some content may be dripped in for continued patronage. For instance, a gallery may be set for access for $10 patrons, but it may have a $30 minimum investment requirement. This means that $10 patrons will have to wait until month 3 when their investment reaches $30 to see. $50 and $100 patrons will gain instant access to this gallery.

Galleries are now sortable by investment level, and content.

I’ve also added a couple new features and post types including Toys and People of Interest. Toys are basically cars, trucks, motorcycles, helicopters, planes, boats, whatever adults like to spend money on that would be a great part of a model shoot. People of interest (POI) are those who don’t model, but are here for the cause.

This includes those that let me use their toys or locations for shoots, make-up artists, guides, wardrobe, etc. Each POI, is linked to the sets they’ve been a part of, and has a garage section where their toys will be listed. Those as well are linked to the sets they are a part of. Just like model pages, they have the ability to put in links for whatever they want. Typically an IG, but if they have a business they’d like promoted, those links can go there as well.

Party pics! Going forward, all party pics I do will be posted right here on Those are where I meet several of the women I work with, they drive lots of traffic to the site, and they fit in with the lifestyle I’m trying to promote here on

As it stands now, I have 131 galleries at the $10 tier, and am adding new galleries every week. Above what I continue to shoot, I have a literal ton of backlog being uploaded weekly. Higher tiers galleries are there, but that information is for those who really support what I do, and will not be the public face of what Allurism brand represents.

Lingerie, Swimwear, and at most Implied nudity are the styles I will be listing here. That means tasteful, classy, artistic expression of beautiful women that they won’t be afraid for me to advertise to the public. The higher tier galleries are those galleries that don’t particularly fit into those styles, but that I’ve shot by request, or through my past exploration of expressive art.

Allurism Magazine Pilot is included in $10 membership. Future releases will also be included. Estimated release of Issue 1 is January 2021.

All and all, I’m happy with the direction that this site is going, and excited for the future of what it is FINALLALY capable of doing.

If you’ve got an event, location, model, or vehicle you’d like me to photograph, or would like to allow me to use for a model shoot, let’s talk.

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