Model is Anonymous


Kayli is an Aries from Georgia. A mommy of two and complete hard ass. You’d expect nothing less of a woman with beautiful natural red hair like she has. Comin’ in at 5’2″, 100lbs, Kayli is perfectly fun-size. When she’s not kickin’ ass at home, she enjoys shakin’ her ass on the dance floor to the latest twerk music and headbangin to some grunge. As long as it’s loud, she’s happy. Contrast seems to be a consistent theme with Kayli as she also enjoys the solace of being out in nature and camping.  I can’t really speak on how she is around new people since I’ve known her since high school, but I can say that she is great conversation, has a very good and twisted sense of humor, and a perfect candidate  to converse with for the most obscure of topics.

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