Part III: The quest for a studio after dark

Now that the sun had completely gone down, we were on the hunt for another place to shoot. We wanted a place that wasn’t so dark that we didn’t have any ambient lighting, but we also wanted a place that wasn’t so public that we had an audience. We gave it a go in the Oxford Bar, but wardrobe didn’t quite match and there was absolutely no way to bounce flash. Red ceilings and colored walls made this room an absolute nightmare to light. Here are the natural light shots that came out.


These were cool, but we definitely had to find a better spot, so we moved outside near the pool. The colorful lights were a cool backdrop. We took a few photos and then a movie started on the big screen.
20170212-IMG_5525 20170212-IMG_5527 20170212-IMG_5533 20170212-IMG_5537

With people sitting less than 20′ away, we decided to move on to the next spot. We moved about 30 yards over my right shoulder where we could bounce light off the white wall behind and beside me and still get the colorful background.

You’d never know it, but I fixed a nip slip in the next two photos. #photoshop

20170212-IMG_5566 20170212-IMG_5568

20170212-IMG_5575 20170212-IMG_5577 20170212-IMG_5578 20170212-IMG_5583 20170212-IMG_5584We now had a good spot, we’d taken several dozen good pics and gotten to the point in the shoot where we either call it a night, or change it up a bit. So we did just that by way of turning up the heat a little bit.

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Abby Part IV: Heating things up

Abby and I had been shooting for a couple hours. We’d gotten quite a few kick ass shots, and it was the time in the session to either go sexy or go home. Not really, but that sounded good, and we did turn up the heat.
She unbuttoned her shorts, and rolled them up assuming more sultry poses. Her outfit mods left her still more covered than her bathing suit bottoms, but gave a much more revealing feel.

It’s amazing to me the change in a woman’s face when she feels excited. It’s an instant +1 to her appearance in my opinion. 20170212-IMG_5685 20170212-IMG_5686 20170212-IMG_5699
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