Sarah H – A day at Avalon Part I: The White Dress

April 20, 2017

We met up at 3 something on a Friday. It was already busy as hell. I got my media pass before she got there, so I was walking from the concierge to the north lot where I told her to park. Screenshot a map for her. ;P Anyways, Sarah showed up FREAKIN' OUT! lol I was like dude, it's okay. She's like, "Everybody's lookin at me, I'm out in a white dress!" I told her, "It's only because you're fucking beautiful!" "Yeah right, I look ridiculous." "No Sarah, you're bringing a little bit of fairy tale world to people's reality." "What ever." So we went to Marlow's for a pre-shoot drink. -Any time I shoot in public, there's a drink involved first. That shit is nerve wracking! So we finished up our drinks and went out. We started out in front of Pottery Barn Kids on 1st street, then moved to the tunnel at Branch & Barrel. We got some shots down the back side of a crowded first street and then walked east.

We tried the green wall on the side of the apple store, for a sec. Bad time of day. Tried a bench, got some pretty good shots there. She couldn't hear me, so it was up to verbal cues. People kept walking by and distracting her, but we got some pretty good stuff. When we went through the tunnel though, that's where our luck turned. Not only was the tunnel a great place to shoot with a constant breeze and awesome light, but we ran into a contractor who let us up to the empty space above to shoot. (Benefit #76 of carrying around a big ass camera.)

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