May 29, 2017

I see beauty differently than most people. It's not that my taste is unique, more that I see potential in places others don't look, and I enjoy the process of bringing out the best version of my subjects. As many of you know, my passion in photography is and has always been beautiful women. Everything else, has been a means to get me where I am today. A wedding photographer, launching a new kind of modeling agency. Today I officially launch Allurism has evolved a lot since I first decided to make up the word, but one thing has remained. Allurism is where I openly pour my life and passion. It's my place to be myself, and do what I love doing which is photographing and sharing beauty from the eye of this beholder. is configured to allow models to run crowd-funded photo shoots giving them the creative control and choice of direction for their modeling careers. Coupled with marketing training and one on one coaching, I want Allurism to be obvious choice for models. Future plans include online and print magazine, posters, calendars, billboards, and of course destination photo shoots.

This is a membership website. Due to the wide spectrum of styles that I shoot, I've divided my membership into two categories. Free and VIP. Free members gain access to all safe for work, wholesome content, campaigns, and forums. VIP members gain access to the more risque styles including implied nude, boudoir, artistic nude, and some light art bondage. I'm looking at a new post or two a week right now until membership numbers go up. The first 100 members' yearly fees will go towards paying models to add content to our VIP section.

To my audience. This is my passion. I want nothing more than to expand this idea out to a full on team creating jobs, and making dreams come true. The only way I can do that is through your support, so invite your friends, send beautiful women my way that you'd like a closer look at, and go join VIP. 🙂

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  1. Melisa McAllister says:

    Forever a fan of your work and friend! Let me know if you ever need additional assistance.

  2. Meredith Harman says:

    Love this!! Can’t wait to see the beautiful work that comes from this!!

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