Alluring Images

Welcome to This is where David Avant shares the alluring subjects he photographs. People, nature, exotic cars, and all the fun stuff that makes him smile. It’s taken him more than a few years to figure out how to put this all together, so he’s hopeful of success.

David Avant is a very visual person and in such, he naturally seeks out beautiful people, places, and things. He loves to travel, meet new people, and experience life in an open, take it as it comes kind of way. His chill, judgement free, flattering presence allows him to step into a very comfortable rapport with just about anyone which makes photographing real emotion actually doable with people who aren’t professional actors. In his sessions he pushes buttons, talks shit, gets in people’s heads, and provoke emotional and expressional responses that he captures in his work.

What you’ll find on this website is a mix of beautiful women, cool places, and neat things like cars, boats, flying objects, instruments, electronics, guns, whatever he comes across that he happens to be inspired by. You’ll also find the educational blog detailing how he got his start all the way to where he is now. You’ll find insights to the hardships, the successes, avoidable mishaps, marketing, psychology, editing, posing, and of course how he goes about photographing his work.

Where this site stands out from other photography sites, is the focus and personal touch added to build a level of rapport with subjects where they can be themselves, be goofy, be vulnerable, and be a loyal client and friend.

David has done a great deal of self educating through audiobooks, psychology blogs, and personal experience applying what he’s learned to people in his photo sessions. Sessions with undivided one on one attention for hours at a time where he could literally say anything, so long as it was for an expression. He’s been pretty successful at it, though in the beginning, some of those experiments went awry. Still, he persisted, and has developed himself into a photographer capable of providing a great experience for all that he works with. In his process, he does a 30 minute warm-up to teach posing, non verbal cue’s, and get a baseline for the person’s personality, insecurities, sense of humor, and best poses. This process allows him to ensure his subject feels comfortable, confident, and undressed of their insecurities. This allows him to capture the essence of their being; their true goofy, sexy, confident, free, and uninhibited self. That’s the side of people he loves most, so that’s what he brings out of those that give him the opportunity.

There are two ways to make a living as a portrait photographer. The first is to have people pay you to take content of them, their business, or something they need content for. The other, is to create content, and sell it. The first option worked well for David financially, but it didn’t make him happy being in a perpetual busy state doing other people’s bidding with no ample time to be creative in any sort of inspired way. After living that lifestyle for a few years, he decided to make a change. Slow at first, but with more and more time dedicated as traction was gained. What he wanted is to travel, do the things that makes him happy, then share that slice of heaven to everyone else who gets to go on his adventures with him from the comfort of their own life and home. He’s 33, never married, and no kids. (That he knows of…) He has nobody telling him he can’t do this, or can’t go there, only his will, and means. Most people can’t just leave their life, family, and jobs and go live his lifestyle, but if you want a little escape, you can scroll his exploits, maybe buy an art print or two, or even join his Master Course, Patreon, or OnlyFans to support his work and see a lot more content.