Domi at the Santa Fantastical in Sandy Springs Feature

November 21, 2018

I was scrolling through facebook when I saw this pop up in my news feed from Atlanta Magazine. I sent it to Domi, and we booked it.
We did most of this shoot with my sony a7iii with my 28mm f2 lens and 50mm f1.8 lens. I did do some on my canon, but I brought my 70-200 for some DOF shots, but it required too much space, was completely unnecessary for nice bokeh, and didn't really show off scenery as much as I wanted it to. I brought my YN-360 light wand to ensure I had good light on this beautiful model's face.

There were multiple spots I really liked working with, but here are my favorites.

These were actually taken in front of the backdrop set up near where the Santa visits happen. It wasn't an actual "set," but it photographed well ith my light. 🙂

The unicorn set was pretty well lit, so I used the house lights. I wish I would have used some fill, because their RGB colored lights, mixed with the color cast from the pink carpet made getting the color even close on these extremely difficult. Still a cool as heck set though!


A little BTS of Domi and me and all the stuff I brought.


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