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“If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

Pretty much anything in life that you do very well, has to be constantly practiced and challenged. I wanted to take alluring images, and found myself fumbling when actual paying clients came around. I realized that if I was going to do this, and do it well, I had to do it often. With facebook as my primary platform for quite a few years, my level of sensuality stayed at a stagnant 3. There’s been some sexy images, but people’s families are on facebook, coworkers, etc. Since images of this nature don’t typically get shared quite as freely as pictures of your wedding day or your new baby, I needed an outlet. So without further adieu, I present,

Allurism is a place to see real girls feeling beautiful. There’s a few models here and there in varying stages of their career, but the majority of the girls you’ll see here hold down regular day jobs, attend college, or both. The girls on this site pose anywhere from fully clothed, to completely naked, and anywhere in between. Sometimes they even pose together, or want to be tied up to each I happily oblige.

I do fun group projects where I’ll bring in a make-up artist, and we’ll shoot to a theme. We’ve done pin-up and Halloween so far, with Sexy Santa, New Years Body Paint, Valentine’s Day Roses, and quite a few other themes on the near horizon. For all the other shoots, these girls show up in what they own in their normal make-up and in their wonderful, day to day, girl next door glory for you to see up close and personal.

December Update: In an effort to build something worthwhile for my models and their futures, sexy photo sets are now to be purchased per user. 50% of that cost goes towards paying for the shoot, edit, upload, sku creation, promotion, and studio, and 50% goes to the girl in the photo. VIP Membership now grants access to purchase exclusive photo sets, see otherwise hidden models, view extended previews from photo sets, as well as join our exlusive mailing list. This membership is a vetting process for the privacy and protection of Allurism models which goes towards supporting the cause anywhere from web costs to studio costs.

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