Welcome to Allurism.com. The first of it's kind modeling website focused around building confidence and positive self image for women interested in modeling while giving them the perfect platform to not only have consistent paid work, but to do the kind of work they are interested in doing. The typical clothed model in Atlanta will get maybe a couple paid shoots a year at best, usually with beginner photographers who are just learning their craft. In contrast, Allurism models are given a platform to market themselves and get paid work as often as they can sell shoots. Using our platform, models can make their own campaigns, giving them control of how they are portrayed, and what they show off to the world. They also get model coaching, marketing training, and experience in the world of business. For many, this won't be a full time gig, rather an avenue to earn extra money every now and again for a fun time, a confidence boost, and a good bit of notoriety. That confidence and notoriety however, are amazing personal attributes to have in many other industries especially in sales and marketing. Big companies use notorious models all the time to represent their brands. With this platform, I think we make some serious waves in the industry, and bring some new faces to the spotlight.

Unlike other modeling agencies and websites, you, the member, have a direct impact on our models' careers, income, and success in modeling.  In our member's forum you can be a part of the action with planning, attire, etc. as well as have access to bounce ideas and suggestions off of your favorite models and myself. That closeness between content providers and content consumers gives us the ability to be exactly what you want!

So how does it work?
Each model will have her own page with a description, links to all available content, and links to current shoot campaigns. The more risque content will only be visible to members. You will need to be a member to contribute to model campaigns. I've built this to work around a community. This community is here to support models in their dreams of being seen, feeling beautiful, and knowing they are sought after.
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I came up with Allurism by merging allure and ism.
al·lure - the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.
ism - a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement.
Allurism literally translates for me to the practice of photographing what I find attractive and/or fascinating which happens to be women by far. I like sunsets, pretty landscapes, and exotic cars too, but I can use those as backgrounds for pretty women, which to me is nothing short of perfection.

Hi there, I'm David Avant. (Founder) Welcome to Allurism.

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