After four years calling myself a photographer, I found myself in a rough place artistically and professionally. I’d literally dedicated my everything for four years of my life to being something that I wasn’t sure I wanted to be anymore. I thought I’d lost the one thing in life that I love more than anything else in this world and that was devastating. I decided to spend some time figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. I knew photography was a passion since it drove me more than anything else ever has, but I’d recently found myself dreading my work instead of looking forward to it. I spent countless hours trying to find the right way to describe my thoughts. Literally 60 pages of ideas, ramblings, and tangents typed up in a Google doc, just trying to get everything out where I could see it and makes some sort of sense of the madness.

Ultimately, what drives me is human interaction. Using my unique combination of talent and skills to do things that others can’t. To help people see the best version of themselves. To see themselves through my eyes.


Allure meaning to powerfully attract or charm; tempt. Ism is a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement.
Allurism is a photographic art movement with focus on expressing the subject’s most alluring features, expressions, and qualities through the use of psychology. In practice, the artist or allurist might use one or all of the three main focus areas in their work.

FEATURES: The allurist MUST be able to find something attractive about their subject to direct focus towards. These features may not be readily noticeable and may include any part of the subject’s physical self. The eyes are always a great place to start, as it’s a very neutral place that nearly all people are able to perceive their own unique beauty. Positive reinforcement and complements to this area can warm a subject up, foster a great rapport, and build photographic confidence.

EXPRESSIONS: A person’s facial expressions can make or break any portrait. In order to capture a person’s most alluring expressions, the allurist must often elicit the genuine expressions shown by the subconscious mind before the conscious mind has a chance to ruin them with insecurities and/or inhibitions. Body language goes hand in hand with facial expressions, and poses are dealt with similarly. Posing is more easily faked, but will still always look better if done more naturally. I tend to put my subject in a general pose and allow them a range of movement.

QUALITIES: There are inherently attractive qualities to find in everyone, however those qualities don’t always translate very well to an audience. Self confidence is one of the most vibrant and beautiful qualities a person can have that translates extremely well to nearly all audiences. The well practiced allurist can help their subjects rid themselves of insecurities and inhibitions in front of the camera that will allow this quality to shine. Possibly the most rewarding part of this entire movement is when those qualities translate into the subject’s daily life.

Art is and always will be subjective. One key point that separates the great artists from the rest is a transfer of emotion. Artists that can transfer emotion from their work to their audience will always have the larger audience than those who can not.

The only way to consistently create this transfer in portrait work, is to capture real moments. The following three are the methods I rely on most to get those moments.

First is pure luck which happens when photographing an emotional event happening that requires no input to capture real emotional scenes. Weddings are slammed full of these emotional moments for the photographer trigger happy enough to capture them.

Second is to stir a reaction in the subject. Say something funny, test their metal a bit, or make them describe the best day of their lives. Awkward laughter isn’t always bad as it means you’re pushing into uncharted territory. No matter the situation, the goal is to force the conscious mind to concentrate on something other than being in front of the camera, while simultaneously bringing up pleasant, well developed memories for the subconscious mind to release uninhibited, real expressions in response to.

The third, and most advanced method is transference. Transference is something we all do subconsciously. It is the mirroring of feelings from one person to another. Confidence, and feeling comfortable with the subject are an absolute must. To make a person feel happy, be happy. To make them feel attractive, be attracted. It sounds pretty simple in text, but can easily have adverse awkward effects with too much intensity or an improper read.

The best photographs I’ve ever taken are of people I found attractive that I had a fun, friendly, or sexually charged rapport with. Adversely, some of the worst images I’ve taken of attractive people, were those that I was unable to get past their guarded, scared, or stuck up exterior. Personality has everything to do with allurism. Advanced personal skills are a must which requires continued practice, and experience with a wide variety of personality types.


I’d very much like to expand my study and grow this portfolio building exercise into a full time career. In an effort to make that a reality sooner than later, I’m trying a different pricing approach which requires no up front cost to shoot, minimal cost for minimal releases, and mid range costs for full releases. This gives me the freedom to pick my clientele, cut back on advertising, and avoid the pressure that comes along with possibly failing on an expensive shoot.  The shoot is the fun part, the part I’m studying, the part there should be no stress involved in. In the future, around 200 or so unique faces, I will be creating a coffee table book, and possibly publishing some sort of instructional journal or course with my findings. I’m looking for women ranging in age, perceived attractiveness, and confidence level to participate in this study. The prints and digitals will be available for future purchase. I will be posting a blog post for each session including a few edits of my favorite pictures from the session. 

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hannah Iris (192)-2 copy


Nude photos

“Nudes are not for everyone.”

So this comes up a lot with the subject matter I chose to photograph, and I feel it’s something I need to talk about since many of the ladies I would love to work with, do not want to get naked in front of a camera. Ladies, I shoot some nude photography. It’s less than 5% of the women work I do, but I do shoot it. Just because it’s something I’m okay with, I understand it may not be something you’re okay with.
In my years of experience behind the camera I’ve learned that those that wanna do nude photos, will bring it up on their own in their own time. Those that don’t won’t. It may take a couple shoots for you to get the balls to ask, but if you want them, you will ask eventually. I don’t push, and honestly don’t even like asking for a subject to pose nude anymore without first seeing them in equally risque photos. My reasoning for that is that sometimes people do stuff in the moment, regret it later, and blame someone. I don’t want to be that someone, I’d rather just take clothed pictures.
I shoot everything from G rated up to erotic. My focus with this website, project, and women photography as a whole is to take classy photos of beautiful women. Being able to give a sexy feel to a fully clothed image is something I take a lot of pride in. While I probably wouldn’t mind seeing you naked, I totally understand if you don’t want that happening. Whatever reason you may have, it’s good enough for me. Actually, scratch that. If you’re insecure about your mommy stripes or something of that nature, I promise you, I’ve seen it all. If you like that style of photos, we should definitely do some. Bring a girlfriend and a bottle of wine, and let’s have some fun.

Privacy: In regards to privacy of sexy/nude photos, I fully understand if you don’t want them on facebook. I also get it that you may be okay with a little bit of cheek showing, but not other things. Everyone has their own comfort level that I try my very best to stick to. I deliver photos through my encrypted website. If somebody fails to login 3 times, they get disabled, I get an email with their IP and the album they tried logging into, and I change the link.

Posting: Pictures get approved by the subject before they get posted unless they tell me, “You can post whatever you think is good.” Also, I offer edit credit for any sexy photos I’m allowed to post to promote this website.

Hopefully this has answered any questions you might have had on if I shoot it, if everyone I shoot has to shoot that, or whatever other thoughts you might have related to the subject.

Church Doors

It’s extremely hard to take a bad photo of Krystal. She’s got stunning features, a great figure, and a natural confidence that’s always very enticing. I thought our session couldn’t go any better until she dressed down, we switched locations, and she started posing on some church doors. Her adventurous side came out and set her ablaze emanating excitement in every snap of the shutter.



Monica Feeling Beautiful

Back in 2014, I did this shoot with Monica. We started out doing some more indoor, sexy style which she’s used to shooting as a nude model. When I asked her to go outside and do some fun photos of her face, she lit up saying that she doesn’t get to do that style very often. When I showed her what we were getting, she was on fire. She emanated confidence, beauty, and happy feelings. We had a blast cutting up, and these are some of the resulting images.

4 years

For 4 years, I’ve asked my beautiful friend to allow me to grace the world with her image. More importantly, to show her what I get to see in her presence. For 4 years, she’s had apprehensions about being in front of the camera, or “modeling.” She would tell me, “I’m not the model type.” or something to the effect. Me being me, I would of course protest that I prefer to work with non models, but to no avail. Finally, she’s given into my requests during one of the most beautiful moments in her life. From her responses, I think she’s in love with having her pictures taken now. 😀 Without further adieu, I present Michelle. Beautiful as ever at 39 weeks.