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Allurism is a place for girls to feel and look as beautiful as all the girls they see in the media spotlight.
I know that I am a great photographer, but there are literally a hundred thousand great photographers in the area. So I specialized. My focus is on building a very positive emotional state, then capturing my clients’ image in that state, capturing the essence of who they are, and creating meaningful images. Now we’re down to a handful of other photographers. I do one further for clients who are willing and show them how to link that emotional state to the images that we take, and fire a trigger bringing that emotional state back on command. That’s leaves just me. I take awesome pictures of my clients, but each session is also a life coaching session where I listen to my subjects talk about life, and I help them link emotional motivation to their goals and ambitions.

I’ve spent the past 3 years researching what I did naturally for the women I worked with so that I could refine it, improve on it, and teach it. I wasn’t patient enough to get people to come shoot free, so I paid a lot of women thousands of dollars in exchange for their time so I could study how first time subjects reacted to being photographed. In paying, I found another major positive deposit in the ego bank for my clients. Being paid for one’s image, even the offer, forces women to recognize that they have a lot more power than they’ve been raised to believe.

End of the day, my goal is to find and do whatever it takes to make my clients feel amazing about themselves, capture them feeling that way, and link the photos to the emotion so they can feel amazing whenever they want and need to.

Personal and confidential sessions are available for a very reasonable price. $100/shoot and $10/edit. For those that want a few more pics a few months later, just buy them from your proofing gallery, and I’ll drop the new edits in your active edits folder. If the the thought of your images being enjoyed excites you, we can talk about publishing. No matter your style, experience, level of comfort, or level of privacy, if you’re a woman, I can find your most attractive side, and do what I do best for you.