Jamie: Dwell Hotel in Chattanooga


A shuffle dancing Yoga  master from Atlanta, this ray of sunshine has been gracing my lens on and off since 2014. She's one of my favorite people. She's not normal, she's amazing.

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Jamie booked a trip to see one of her girlfriends in Michigan, but flew out of Chattanooga instead of Atlanta, since the tickets were way cheaper. So I went to go pick her up on the way home and we stayed a night in Chattanooga for some photos and fun. We stayed in the Dwell Hotel which is a 60s themed hotel. If you've never been there, I HIGHLY recommend going. It's not far from the Tennessee Aquarium. This is one of the first shoots that I stepped into my work as a photographer. I was going for a lifestyle feel of what it would be like to spend a night out with Jamie from the first person view. This is one of my favorite group of sets period, we just had a blast, and the photos turned out great.

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