Alii: Red Chair


Alii is a 21 year old pisces from Florida. She loves to dance and go to parties. She enjoys EDM and rock music, and really wants to go to all the big music festivals. She lives the lake life and hangs out with a lot of people much older than she is. She's obsessed with glasses which is cool since she is an op-tech.I met Alii on Facebook. I saw a photo of her a beach bash and she looked bangin'! Those hips had me hooked. I added her and a few months later, we set up a shoot. She was 20 at the time, and I freshly 30 felt old. She quickly told me how her ex was older than me, and I shouldn't feel old. We did our shoot and I mentioned that if she ever wanted to do something a bit sexier, I want to be her photographer. A couple months later, she hit me up about the red chair shoot. Read more in the posts below.

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