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For the record… I was the one that couldn’t stand Sunflower. Mostly because she reminded me of my ex. Until this bull shit went down (my fault) I only saw her as similar to my ex who I can’t stand. Still similar in the way she handles things, but not responsible for the ex’s actions against me. Blood Moon HATES me for what I do for a living and how I am with donkey and a few of the guys. She could have spoke up even once when this ish was going down and it wouldn’t have happened. It was me that shit talked sun over seeing several of her exchanges complaining in Pc. 

I was a half bottle of tequila in on Friday when I did this shit. I set it up before TUH took a tile. Skit was there with me, and was my biggest provoker in feeling justified doing it. 

Yes, there was an overwhelming “fuck tuh” ideal, which I think was propagated by the few people that hate this state that were outvoted to stay. There was already talk about leaving, because a couple people don’t like the leaderships strategies. Free play players mostly. This dissent started after s1 when exc declared nap0 and nap7. It was seen by free players as an excuse to burn castles for rss and kills. I spoke to Rakan about it in depth, and have sense been a voice of reason for the state within NME which DoT agrees. 

To make the strong stronger at the expense of everyone else. That thought alone is responsible for most of the issues you see today. It was put to a vote and many including BM were vocal about moving and where to move. Dot was on board to keep her alliance happy. Once she realized her strongest players and majority weren’t for the move, the idea was put on hold/abandoned. I was vocal that I had no intention on moving.

However, I wasn’t going to be told who I could play with though, as EXC has openly admitted to trying to force me to join exc. We came to a common acceptance of positions, where I would be for the state, but I had no intentions of leaving nme. I’m a fuckin perv. My sense of humor is dirty, and I have people I can cut up with openly in the crotch goblins. My income literally comes from Onlyfans and my online pay site where this message to you all has been published and will be removed from once it’s purpose has been served.

Dots plan was to bring her castle that she bought over to 359. Not as some like to believe and watch this state burn. Our common position on sunflower comes from her lack of owning leaving people vulnerable during Ramadan. Yes it’s a religious holiday that we must respect. However, they knew when it was and knew it was during the season. It should have been a thought before joining a super hive, or at the Very least let us all know what to expect. When you join the super hive you are making a commitment of time and effort for the hive. Lack of ownership for that changed them from fellow statesmen and women to dead weight in my eyes. 
S3 was said we’d take our own corner and cover our own asses since we obviously couldn’t count on other top alliances (TUH) carrying their own weight. We have enough farms to tile ourselves in. That was said Friday. 

You all could take a little from this in wondering why dot has had issues with other alliance leaders. You especially speak with dissent towards dot. She’s not against you. That day I told you it was time to cool off in pc, I vented about you in ac, and dot openly said to me, he’s abrasive, but he gets shit done. As a leader she has felt singled out for not being one of you. For not bending to the will of exc without question. Every great state of alliances will need someone to demur the strategies of the chief in order to cause them to explain in ways everyone will understand, and fully explore strategies and find the best way of implicating. It keeps them true, and honest. 

Your reasoning for a lot of this with tuh, I see as warranted, we fucked up. However, the extent of how you see Dot poisoning the alliance against 359 is absolutely wrong, and quite frankly I’m offended you think she’s capable of brainwashing me or changing my views in any way towards you all. It is your own actions and words alone that decide how I feel about this state and it’s leadership.

I and others have since accepted tuh for who they are, and now know what to expect when it comes to religious holidays. We don’t hate them, nor disrespect their religious commitments. Simply a lack of communicating something foreign to us that caused issues we now just know to expect. Had we been aware before it caused us issues, it would have prevented much of the issues some of us previously had with them. 

It sometimes takes fucking up royally, to understand the full picture. This situation has been that for all involved. Including DoT. Blacklisting at this point, is nothing more than a personal vendetta backed by partial information from an r4 that couldn’t even accept or acknowledge a genuine apology.