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Below are several styles of shoots I do regularly. I will most definitely be throwing in some creative shoots as well.

Girl Crush Sessions are my premier session. Girl crush sessions are a minimum of 4 hours, and include a story. These sessions start with hello, and usually lead somewhere a bit more intimate. The final session in a girl crush session can range from swimwear to artistic nude depending on model preference. The fun part of these is the story.

All Day Adventure Sessions are exactly what they sound like. They’re a full day adventure somewhere cool with pics. The style will range depending on models, locations, and situations. It’s the story that makes these fun!

Expression shoot
-I like to think of these as a visual get to know you. I provoke reactions and capture micro expressions.
-A photo shoot of a person in their element doing what they do in their daily life.
-A session focused on the subject’s beauty. Duh.
-Sexy fitness cloths showing off muscles and booty.
-A session focused on those most attractive or exciting quality in a person that makes them special.
-Think Sports Illustrated
-Think Victoria’s Secret
Sexy Lifestyle
-Home style boudoir, but not lingerie. Tanks, boxers, comfy cloths.
Implied Nude
-Nude, but not showing any of the goodies off.
Implied + Booty
-Nude, but only showing a little booty.
Artistic Topless
-Any of the previous styles showing breasts.
Ropes and Bondage.
-Themed session in an array of scenes.
Art Nude
-Any of the previous styles showing all of the goodies.