Onlyfans is a great way for models to make money. It’s revolutionized the industry for models and given them a platform to monetize their work safely and easily. There’s a few things I’ve learned over the past year of running my own onlyfans, and helping with management of other girls’ onlyfans accounts.

Paid vs Free accounts

Free accounts are great, as they give you the opportunity to sell posts on your wall for up to $50. They also are a great way to harvest fans as you can follow anyone who’s previously followed you, and still reach their inbox.

Paid accounts have their own advantages. If you’re going to invest in paid marketing programs from creators with a large following, they allow for promotional links that are trackable. Plus the monthly is nice.

Content Delivery

DM DM DM. That’s where you’re going to make your money. With over a year on a free account, I was able to get to the top 1.9% with over 1200 fans without sexting or anything like that. In that time, over 80% of my income came from my mass DM’s.


Creators get a slue of fans with a good mixture of other creators and fans. If you’re doing things right, you need to have lists set up so that your creators inboxes aren’t slammed full of marketing content. For accounts that I set up, I create a Market list and a VIP list. The market list is anyone who’s not a creator. Every few days I add new fans and follow expired fans to ensure that list grows. My VIP list is the list of those that have spent a lot of money. I send them freebies every now and again, and offer extra content that I don’t send to the market list. These people spend, so I give them every incentive to do so.

Marketing / S4S

S4S is the best way to grow your account. Typically a S4S is a 24 hour post with content and a caption created by the creator you’re sharing. S4S is free, but it’s hard to find people willing to do this that are much higher ranked than you. IE more fans, lower percentage in top %.
You can find people to share for share with on your Onlyfans with all of the content creators. You can also find people on reddit, telegram chat rooms, discord chat rooms, and in any Onlyfans geared groups you can find online.

Wall Content VS DM content.

Your wall should be teasers. Short video clips and pictures. No full length videos, and only 1 or 2 pics of the top level content you provide. You can post your top level stuff, but put an emoji over the business parts and ask for a tip to see more. Example: If your ceiling is nudes, you just want one nude to show them what you got and get them interested on a paid account. For a free account, post the nudes with emojis covering. Your wall should only show enough to get fans interested. This is true for both paid and free accounts.


Want more money? Get more fans! An Onlyfans business is just like any other online store with the added bonus of your product being digital which means you have unlimited stock to sell. Your goal is to reach as many inboxes as you can with content priced to sell. What reason does a fan have to purchase something if everything is already published on your wall?


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