Denver, CO
Favorite Music Genre:
Been into synthwave recently, and I love electronic as a whole
Body Type:
Instagram Model / Premium Content Model
Favorite Movie:
Movie: I feel like I have to give two because if I say my favorite movie is The Silence of the Lambs, I sound like I might possibly be crazy, so that’s my favorite non-comedy. Favorite comedy is Airplane.
Favorite Restaurant:
Qdoba (I love free guac, what can I say?)
Favorite Show to Binge:
I mean, like every milennial I’ve seen The Office about 6 thousand times, and I’ve also enjoyed watching the Star Trek series, but I’ve recently been binge watching America’s Next Top Model. I don’t care for all the screaming and crying, but I definitely learn a lot about modeling from it, and some of the photo shoots are really cool!
Food: Chocolate doughnuts Drink: Water (exciting, I know) Cats or dogs: Cats! I have two, and they are adorable Fun fact: I speak French fluently and can read Latin