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Here at Allurism.com I work with models across the board. Some are super conservative, others are very open. I don’t want to tell girls they have to take their cloths off to shoot with me, so I shoot with all. I appreciate both keeping more to the imagination and those that wish to show off their assets. By popular request, I’m implementing a model rating system. Below, you’ll find what each of those ratings mean on the model’s page.

Very Mild
This model is fully clothed always. In some scenario’s may shoot in a bikini. All moms would approve.

This model shoots in a bikini no problem. Maybe a bra showing under an unbuttoned shirt. Most moms would approve.

This model will wear a thong bikini. Maybe some limited lingerie. Privates stay covered.

Instagram Model
If instagram’s cool with it… Usually no nudity. These models vary in range of personal preference. Some may do implied nude, so would wear a sheer shirt and no bra, others are much more mild.

Premium Content Model
Topless, nude, and more seductive content provider. These models have stuff you won’t see for free. They’re creating content to make money. Help them make money doing something we all enjoy!