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Hello! I am a women’s physique bodybuilder and a published fitness model. I just turned 22 years old and I am also a student. Currently I am taking a great deal of time away from the stage in order to really grow and mature. I have been using the Only Fans platform for just 18 months now, and only seriously for 8 months and I have managed to become as low as .4% of all creators and with far less than 500 fans monthly. I have gotten very skilled with the platform and I am very happy with my success on it. Other than work, for play I of course love training, yoga, modeling, cooking, studying, sunbathing and I am currently looking for new things to try that may eventually turn into hobbies. I take great pride in training hard and heavy and I absolutely love the sport of bodybuilding and showing off my hard work.

Contact me for any booking information. I am actively booking all types of content and open to many concepts.

DOB: 15/01/1999
Hometown: Northwest Indiana
Favorite Show to Binge: Too many to choose from..
Height: 5'6"
Body Type: Athletic
Favorite Music Genre: Rap/hip hop is my #1, especially old schools and 90’s (before my time.. luckily music is timeless) but I love classic and hard rock while training. I used to dislike country music but I fell in love with it about a year ago because it is so “feel good”. R&B. I also love Beyonce and Destiny’s Child a lot.
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