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If you’re on this page, it’s because I sent you here. These are my inspirations, the shoots I am interested in shooting personally. These aren’t concrete, and are open to outside input from anyone involved directly with the shoot. Overall, this is stuff I’d like to add to my portfolio. Some I’ll do a lot of. The ones with two stars are my favorites. **

Studio / Indoor

Figure silhouette: Pretty self explanatory, but this is figure work done with back lighting, and maybe some side lighting.

Glitter: It’s messy, so we need to find a good spot to do it, but I’d like to not be exposed to the elements on this one. Maybe a carport somewhere?

Monotone: These can be black and white or any color, but the primary goal is to have cloths and background match and cover a lot where your face is the only thing different. Would love to do with balloons, flowers, anything we can get that is big enough to use as a backdrop that you can match with clothing.

**Expressions: This session is about about expressions. There’s a little bit of acting class in these, as I direct my subjects on how to show emotions on their face. These are primarily chest up, face pics. If you feel confident in your abilities and decide to play with full body expressions, those can be fun too.

Outside / Sunset / Location

Silver hour at a marina: Could be any around Lanier, but when the sun goes down, the water turns silver and looks awesome. I want to do a shoot with a girl near some sailboats. If you have a boat or access to a boat, this could definitely go any of a ton of fun and creative ways. Haven’t done this one yet. So no photo to share. :-/

** Golden hour sessions: I’m really well practiced at these, so it’s not really something unique in my profile, but these are really fun sessions where I can get a lot of good shots with minimal effort allowing me to focus more on getting you warmed up, out of your shell, and performing well. These are my go-to for test sessions and posing classes as they allow me to take lots of photos without having to wait on the flashes needed for other types of sessions to recycle. These are also really awesome for portfolio work of any type. These can vary greatly in theme. 17342254_10101231174019902_1621173065_o

Beach Sunset: These are done either on a beach location or in the water. I have a spot on Lanier I like to do these.  20160706-IMG_2013 copy

Long Exposure: These are night time shoots where I do long exposures of either a night landscape, light painting with lights or steel wool, or fireworks. I use a flash pop on the subject to freeze their image, then allow the rest of the scene to fill in.

**Dream girl: These are 3-5 scene sessions where I’ll take the viewers on an adventure with the model. It’ll start out fun and playful and end up leading their minds towards romance. How intimate all depends on the subject and their boundaries, but the end result is to create a girl crush. AKA fans for the models. These sessions will play on creating intrigue, interest, lust, maybe even desire. They’ll be intended to make the viewer want more.   EXAMPLE