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Updated 6/5/17

Hey there. Please read this before you create a campaign.

You can be available for the most innocent of photo shoots, up to, but not beyond artistic nude on this website. If you’d like to do something more risque, we can talk about making your own page.

Food for thought when planning your campaigns.
We can shoot two to three looks in a day. You only need to sell access to one for the campaign.

Below are common costs to consider when setting your goal for a photo shoot.

Make-Up Artist : $80
Make-Up and Hair : $125
Nails: Get them done. I prefer French tips, but just do something pretty to them.
Wardrobe: Are you buying anything special for this shoot? Will you ever wear it again? If no, definitely cover that cost.
Is there a ton of post production? Image editing costs between $.45 and $25 per image. Usually $1 or less unless we do some crazy editing for fantasy pics or things of that nature.
Travel : Me to you or you to me
Location rental fee : Studio, house, other venue. I’ll help out as much as I can with this, but if you have a specific location that has a set price, include it in the crowdfunding.

Marketing your Campaign

Your model pages are public. Your campaigns will come up on your model page. Everything on your model page is seen by google and will help get you found naturally too. If you want to use an alias, NOW is the time to tell me.

Numbers are everything. It’s a lot easier to come up with $500 from 1000 people than it is from 10.
Old men: Statistics show that men over 35 are the bulk majority of pay-site subscribers.
Women: Women really like this idea though, and the thought of supporting a cause like this is enough for some.