This page shall serve as an agreement between you, the model, and
You may not create a crowd funding campaign without accepting this agreement.
By accepting this agreement, you agree to only create campaigns for shoots you actually intend to do once your requested dollar amount is met. You agree that you are at least 18 years of age, sober, and not under any duress to create these campaigns. You agree to display yourself in a professional manner and respect ALL other models on this page and their freedom of expression.

The cost of the shoot, edits, processing fees, and other costs associated with the particular shoot mentioned in the campaign will be taken out prior to model being paid at a rate of $50/hour with a 2 hour minimum, $10/edit, any fees for receiving money via paypal, and shoot expenses such as make-up artist, location fees, travel, etc. Consider this when setting a dollar amount for the campaign, and mentioning specifics as far as location.