Allurism Sponsored Model Application Form

  • This is the name you wish to go by. recommends using a name different than your birth name.
  • Your instagram profile. Ex: @allurismgirls
  • Fill out if you have one. Ex:
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp.
    Submit images that show what you have to offer. If you are wishing to do images that show skin, we need to see your skin. It’s okay if you have acne, stretch marks, or anything else showing. Everybody does. We are the ones who will be editing this for you, and we need to see you to complete your approval process. These images do not have to be nude, but do need to show your actual body and face without filters or editing. We recommend, shorts and a sports bra or swimsuit at the minimum. Nude images are accepted, but by no means a requirement.
    For our approval process, we need to know what you’re available for.
    How do you wish images to be edited before being seen by individuals beyond yourself and employees of