Meeting Taya


I met Taya at my brother's band's show at Sweetwater in Duluth. His band is is All is Lost for those of you who are curious. After the show, I went around and took photos of people as I usually do for the band to post and increase traffic and awareness. On my rounds I met the drummer from one of the other bands that I'd photographed and showed him the pics. He looks like an undead headbanging in World of Warcraft when he drums. If you've ever photographed drummers, it sometimes takes 10 shots to get a good one, so this was pretty cool to me. Then I took some photos of him and his girl. My mom actually came up and made a big deal about how amazing Taya's ass is and told her about the type of photography I do. Awesome mom FTW! 😀 We talked a bit, and the seed was planted. She was a little hesitant at first with the advice of those close to her, but ultimately after a few weeks the thought of making money for being beautiful won her over.