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Girl Crush: Jojo

Jojo Girl Crush

byDavid Avant

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Atlanta, GA, United States (US)

David Avant

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David Avant
Atlanta, GA, United States (US)
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Crowdfunded model photography.

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This is a four-hour girl crush session with Jojo. This will break up into a four part story with photos gradually getting sexier towards the end. For those of you who don't know who Jojo is, she's a gogo dancer from Atlanta attending law school. She's a Maxim girl, and a really cool person to be around. This story will be fun! Looking for ideas on where to take her, and what to do!


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Limited Edition, Numbered, and Signed by Model and Photographer 12 x 18 inch poster. Products will ship out soon after the shoot takes place.

Aug, 2017

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