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Abby in the Ozarks. A camping trip with a beautiful photographer in some amazing nature.

Abby: An Ozark Adventure

byDavid Avant

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Ozark, AR, United States (US)
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David Avant

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David Avant
Ozark, AR, United States (US)
9 Campaigns | 0 Loved campaigns


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Coming back for round two, we have Abby. Yes, the girl with dreads that I met on the cruise. The photographer. This campaign is to take her camping near her home in the Ozarks. The funds would cover her taking off work for a few days so we can traverse the Ozark National park. Taking photos of her and the beautiful landscape. This will probably end up in a five or six part series which will all be available for members. I foresee this being a content rich series, as we’re both photographers and will be enjoying the hell out of some beautiful nature.



Limited Edition, Numbered, Model and Photographer Signed Poster. Delivered soon after the shoot takes place.


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Coffee table book of the best images from the journey signed by model and photographer. Delivered soon after the shoot takes place.

Oct, 2017

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Come camping. Bring a camera, I'll teach you some stuff, and we can take some awesome photos.

Oct, 2017

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