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July 6, 2016

"Nudes are not for everyone."

So this comes up a lot with the subject matter I chose to photograph, and I feel it's something I need to talk about since many of the ladies I would love to work with, do not want to get naked in front of a camera. Ladies, I shoot some nude photography. It's less than 5% of the women work I do, but I do shoot it. Just because it's something I'm okay with, I understand it may not be something you're okay with.
In my years of experience behind the camera I've learned that those that wanna do nude photos, will bring it up on their own in their own time. Those that don't won't. It may take a couple shoots for you to get the balls to ask, but if you want them, you will ask eventually. I don't push, and honestly don't even like asking for a subject to pose nude anymore without first seeing them in equally risque photos. My reasoning for that is that sometimes people do stuff in the moment, regret it later, and blame someone. I don't want to be that someone, I'd rather just take clothed pictures.
I shoot everything from G rated up to erotic. My focus with this website, project, and women photography as a whole is to take classy photos of beautiful women. Being able to give a sexy feel to a fully clothed image is something I take a lot of pride in. While I probably wouldn't mind seeing you naked, I totally understand if you don't want that happening. Whatever reason you may have, it's good enough for me. Actually, scratch that. If you're insecure about your mommy stripes or something of that nature, I promise you, I've seen it all. If you like that style of photos, we should definitely do some. Bring a girlfriend and a bottle of wine, and let's have some fun.

Privacy: In regards to privacy of sexy/nude photos, I fully understand if you don't want them on facebook. I also get it that you may be okay with a little bit of cheek showing, but not other things. Everyone has their own comfort level that I try my very best to stick to. I deliver photos through my encrypted website. If somebody fails to login 3 times, they get disabled, I get an email with their IP and the album they tried logging into, and I change the link.

Posting: Pictures get approved by the subject before they get posted unless they tell me, "You can post whatever you think is good." Also, I offer edit credit for any sexy photos I'm allowed to post to promote this website.

Hopefully this has answered any questions you might have had on if I shoot it, if everyone I shoot has to shoot that, or whatever other thoughts you might have related to the subject.

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