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Thank you for checking out! A little bit about this site. I’m based in Cumming, GA. (Fitting right?) I have a 1800 sq ft studio in some commercial space downtown. I’ve spent years working with hundreds of people studying how to photograph you looking your very best. What I’ve found is that if you’re having fun, and feeling confident, you’re going to do great. If you’re led here by a scout or myself personally, then I want see you as you are right now. We can always shoot again and capture what you look like then.


So here’s how it works. People that don’t want to share their media online, have that option. My hourly rate is $50 per hour which comes with a proofing gallery to all images taken. Edits start at $10/image and go up to $25/image for those that want some serious editing done. 


For those like you that don’t mind their media being published, there are a few other options available. In exchange for a model release, you do not have to pay that $250/hour, AND you get at least 20 images back. But check this, you’ll also get paid depending on how sexy you get. I usually book at least 2 hours, as the best stuff usually starts happening after a half hour of warm-up. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done 100 shoots, warm up helps. If not for you, then I need it. More money for you anyways.

Lingerie/sexy pg-13  pays $50/hour.
Topless pays $100/hour. (The entire session doesn’t have to be topless)
Nude is negotiable, but always more than topless.   


This isn’t a one-time thing here either. If you’d like to shoot more, reach out, and we’ll set up another shoot, and you make more money.

While I do have a studio, I am totally down to shoot on location, go on adventures, even leave the country for some exotic location shoots. The sky is the limit. Actually my income from everything else I do is the limit for now until we can get more members. Which leads me to my next talking point. Affiliate program. If a member joins from your affiliate link, you get 20% of their membership for the lifetime of that membership.

If this sounds good to you, fill out the form below and I'll be in touch soon!


  • Did someone refer you here? If so, who? If not a person, how'd you find us?
  • This can be your real name or this can be an alias. This is what you will be listed as on this website.
  • I don't work with anyone under 18 with this brand. Must show valid ID before shooting.
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