Modeling Redefined : Allurism Update June 2017

June 14, 2017

Hey guys, I know it's been a minute since I've done an official update, but I have been working on things that I'll tell you about now. As of 6/11 I now have a studio in Cumming, GA. A wall with seamless backdrops, a wall with wooden backdrops, and an all white natural light boudoir. I've also been working on a few site bugs here and there. I'm no web guy, I just learned what I needed to learn to make this dream come to life.

Modeling Redefined

What do you think of when you hear the word model? Most people think of runway modeling. I don't know why really. Maybe because runway modeling is really the only type of modeling where a uniform height and shape matters and thus it's the most exclusive club I guess if you wanna look at it that way. Whatever the reason, it's also completely not what I do. Here at, I focus mainly on glamour and promo modeling, with intent on providing some fashion and commercial work in the near future. What's that mean? It means if you're sexy and you know it, apply within! It doesn't matter if you're short or tall, our goal isn't to match the shape of a mannequin; it's to captivate the attention of our audience and make them want more. If we promote some gear along the way, then hell yeah.

Modeling shouldn't be a life goal. Rather, it should be viewed as either a hobby that you enjoy, or a means to a much greater end. A notoriety slingshot to help you in whatever else in life that you do. Being well known opens doors, brings well wishers, and multiples whatever you put out into the world back to you exponentially. There are three ingredients that I'm looking for in upcoming models. The desire to be seen, the ability to turn heads, and the willingness to set and work towards goals. Speaking of goals, let's talk about how I plan on getting us all paid.

Over the past few years, crowd funded art has made a pretty significant upturn in the market. With the coming of sites like Patreon and Go-Fund-Me, anybody can fund anything if they can convince enough people it's worth a few bucks to see it done. With that thought in mind, models featured on have access to a crowd funding dashboard built into this site that allows them to create completely customized campaigns with whatever rewards they'd like to deliver for whatever style of shoot they'd like to do. All campaigns go through a final vetting process. Once vetted, campaigns are available on the model's page. This gives the models full creative control over their career path as well a platform to do it on. Rewards will range from signed posters, to calendars, to playing cards, or whatever else we can think of. It's not like we have any other site guidelines that we have to follow. This is where redefining what you think of when you think modeling comes about. With this platform, Allurism models are pretty different from that picture most people get in their head when they think model. Allurism models are marketing professionals promoting their passion. They are sexy, creative, outgoing, women making money from having fun. With a team of like-minded individuals, we can go as far as we want. We're literally advertising what people use to advertise. Sexy women.

I've alluded to it a few times, but I'd like to officially introduce the Girl Crush series.
This is a glamour editorial series intended to draw readers in for a full on girl crush. It will be my starting point for building celebrity for Allurism models. It's going to play on the basic psychological triggers that spark that feeling of "in-love." This series represents the first few encounters between a beautiful woman and the reader leading up to the first intimate moment. "Pump the breaks, intimate moment?!" This final, members-only post in the girl crush series is a bit more suggestive and will show as much skin as the model is comfortable showing off. Be it Maxim or Playboy style, the final session is the climax in the series leading the reader's mind in a more intimate direction to seal the deal on fandom. Once we've got the readers captivated, then it's time to build and market the model via crowd funding.

Moving forward, I'd like to focus on growing our free membership population. Free membership gains access to all content except nude and implied + booty content. Free members also gain access to our forums, crowd-funding campaigns, newsletter email, and the "coming soon" online store.

That's enough for now, I don't know how people will even read this far, but for those who do.... Love ya and thank you for reading!


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