I’m a model, why would I pay for a photo shoot when I have dozens of photographers begging to shoot?

September 25, 2018

So you're a model, a beautiful lady, hell even a half decent girl who shows off some skin and your DMs are full of up and coming photographers who would love to collaborate with you. No cost. That's the life right? It's not a bad one for an independent model. Free photo shoots with fellow creatives, a fun time, awesome pics to show for it. I've done it myself for years, and for a long time I went with the mindset of "Why would a model EVER pay for a shoot?!" It took a few years and a few dozen women to realize there's a very good why. That is being in control of your content. When you pay for a photo shoot, you're paying for a print release from the photographer. While most photographers care more about their reputation than flexing their rights, every photo you take is owned by the person who took it for you, and without some sort of contract, you have no say in what they do with it, especially if you didn't pay for it or signed a model release. There's all sorts of creative scenarios I could come up with, but the point is, if you're serious about building a brand, you need to be the one with the most content of you, if not all of it. You need creative control over your shoots as well. The one paying, usually calls the shots.

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