December update

December 19, 2017

Happy Holidays everyone!

There are some HUGE updates about to happen and already in the works on

  • First, PayPal doesn't like this type of business, so they froze my account until I removed it entirely from this site. So all payments now go through
    Edit: doesn't want me, so now on to the next processor.
  • Second, the new server is up and accessible. It I'm working on getting a local copy set up, then we'll go live with the new kick ass server in the next week or so which
    will be a lot faster as we're going from a shared server space on godaddy with 1gb of memory to a standalone server with dual 3.0 xeons and 32gb of memory with a quick raid.
  • Third, and most importantly, in order to attain sexier, more exclusive content for your viewing pleasure, I've now opened up a new model program. In this program,
    I'm able to shoot a lot more content for you all as I am no longer paying for sessions up front. Instead, individual photo sets are available for sale where the
    model gets a huge commission from
    you seeing her photos. Yes, it's going to cost more, and yes, I understand that's not great for a lot of you, but more women are willing to do sexier photos with a limited
    audience, and real residual income. By buying these photo sets, you will literally be putting money in the models' pockets supporting their career. The more purchases a
    model gets, the more she's inclined to shoot. This platform gives real sustainability to these models which is and has always been my ultimate goal.
  • Photo sets will be available at different levels.
    Career models' purchasable photo sets will be available for anyone to see. This will get the most amount of traffic.
    By request, non career models can have their photo sets available for purchase by VIP members only meaning that non VIP members won't even know it's available for sale.
    These will get less traffic, but will help separate the true fans from the passer-by adding a level of security by ensuring that potential viewers are actual customers.
  • NEW CONTENT AND LOTS OF IT! I've gotta get some income rolling in so I can hire someone to help me keep up with all the new content I've been able to create lately.
  • Spending a lot of time this week getting everything geared up, so be ready to treat yourself for Christmas! 😛
  • Current VIP members, I'm working on how to make things right for you with the changes. Open to suggestions. There are a limited number of you, so I have some decent ideas.

You'll notice some new faces in the models section. They'll have pics soon!

Thank you all for reading visiting, stay tuned! 🙂














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