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Last week, (beginning of June) I was contacted by a Facebook friend, Philip Vogel, a retired chef who I’ve met for drinks a few times. He asked if I knew anyone willing to drive his car back from Texas. It paid, plus the flight and a place to stay. If you know me, I’m always looking for a reason to travel on someone else’s dime, so I volunteered. I was trying to set up shoots in the tween time, so I planned to come a day early and crash at the place he was staying.
The next day, one of my posts in this raunchy humor groups I admin, there was some back and forth on a drunk post I made. “The first girl to send me a nude with her face in it gets $20.” That came and went, and this gorgeous young thing named Sage told me to let her know when I was ready for round 2. I told her I’d prefer to do an actual shoot with a cutie of her caliber. She then told me it would be kind of hard since she moved to Dallas recently, and invited me out half jokingly. Well, I already had a plane ticket, so we met!

Fast forward to Thursday when I was flying in. She almost bailed on me. Her nerves were getting the best of her, and she was comparing herself to other girls I shoot, on top of having poison ivy all over her legs. So I asked her just to chill and not make any decisions til we met. I assured her that we’d have fun regardless, and then made sure she was still set to pick me up from the airport. She must have saw the emoji hearts popping out of my eyes when I got there, because she calmed down real quick. It was either that, or her service dog loving on me that calmed her down. We stopped in at Chic-Fil-A, where I let her know it was taking all my self control to keep my hands off her gorgeous self, then went to her house to pick out some outfits. I didn’t hold anything back, just told her exactly how enamored I was by her presence. Genuine awe. We picked out some cloths, she tried on a few outfits, and headed out to Philip’s place.

Day 1 shooting was a little awk at first, this being her first time in front of the camera she was wanting more direction than I was giving, but she was doing great from where I was standing, so I didn’t have much to offer. We got a lot of pics that turned out well. Once we’d finished the first outfit, she let loose a bit and all was groovy. She climbed a tree in a thong onesie. Then pulled her titties out. Mind you, this is in the front yard in the burbs of Dallas. A couple guys drove by in a Maxima and caught an eye full which she didn’t seem to mind at all. This set in motion a couple days of exhibitionism, deviant fun, and creativity.

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Art prints are a way for me to support my passion for traveling and photographing what inspires me outside of photographing people. These are photos

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