12/29/2017 Update

December 29, 2017

If you've been keeping up at all, I've been running into payment speed bumps since paypal decided they didn't want this associated. There's a few things I need to get done in order to get a proper processor in place at a decent rate, so in the mean time, plan B which may actually be better than plan A. If you visit model's profiles, you'll find links to purchasable photo sets. Once you've purchased a photo-set, you'll get a link where the photos are available for both print and download. Prints are priced to put money in the girls' pockets, and are available direct from the gallery.

I've moved over to this new business model, as the ultimate goal is to get models paid as well as make some money myself instead of working every waking hour to be able to afford it which is how my life was until now.  Want to see a model in a different scene? Let me know, I'll pitch the idea, and we'll see what happens. (New idea for photoshoot roulette!) What I'm trying to facilitate here is a fun way for these ladies to pay their bills and get nice things. They enhance our quality of life with their beauty, and we help enhance their quality of life with our wallets.  That's how this works, 'cause money talks right? It really does. The more photo sets a model sells, the more photos we'll take, the more money she makes from having fun, etc. etc...
Over the past few months, I've spent pretty much all of my free time as well as nearly six grand out of pocket paying women to pose for images I know you're going to want to see. Most of these women you can't find anywhere else, and on the few you can, you'll still definitely want to see what we produce, cause it's sexy.

Introducing Model Levels: Our models come in multiple levels of openness as this kind of photography has a stigma in some circles. You earn trust with investment. The more invested of a client you are in the art I produce, the more you get to see that I have to share. I'd love to make everything available to everyone, but there are snitches in our midst. Low life pieces of shit that love to screen shot and meddle in other people's lives. Thanks to them, I gotta protect the girls.

  • Level 1 Clearance: Anyone can see what we have for sale. Overt models and anonymous models.
    Overt models do this for work, for fun, but they talk about all that they do with all they see. Anon is anon.
  • Level 2 Clearance: $200 minimum investment in other photo sets unlocks level 2 clearance.
    Visibility varies, between some photos being visible and others not to some models not even being visible to the public.
    Semi overt models don't mind people knowing they model,  would prefer their coworkers or family not find the sexier of their photos, though it wouldn't be the end of the world if they did...
  • Level 3 Clearance: $500 investment unlocks level 3.  Undercover models only pose for a VERY limited audience. Top tier investment required or personal link must be given to even know these exist.  Investment minimum
  • Level 4 Clearance: lasts for 1 year after you've invested $1000 total in photo sets. Each continued photo set purchase will add a month. Level 4 includes previews from all lower tier sessions and has access to purchase any  photo set available.

Ranking up in these levels only means you are trusted enough to even know they are for sale. Only level 4 comes with free stuff.

Basically how this works, either get a link from an Allurism Girl, or you earn your spot by investing in the level 1 model sets until you get to 2 and so on.

I'll add to it here soon, but here's the level 1 offerings we have for sale at the moment. Level 2 and 3 offerings are up, but... There's only one person that qualifies to see them, and he gets emails.

Thank you for reading, as always, enjoy!

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